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It all started with a pie. An avocado key lime pie. As I child this was my favorite dessert that I discovered one year on a visit to Florida. Years later I rediscovered it (now vegan) at a bakery in Chelsea, NY. Then I decided to make it myself. And many more cakes after that.

In my life I've discovered a few things but to keep it short, it comes down to this: do what feeds you and do it with love. I don't believe there are any right answers when it comes to food, although some may feel a bit better than others.

Bliss House was created as way to spread the love of healthy and delicious food to everyone. I offer cooking classes, food activism talks, vegan Nigerian pop-up dinners, and host Black Feast - a monthly vegan pop-up dinner celebrating black artists and writers through food. The food we create through Bliss House is always vegan, gluten-free and made without the use of cane sugar. This food is meant to feed the soul.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, prose or general musings about life.

With love,

Salimatu  <3  Bliss House


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