Raw in Guatemala

It's been a while since my last post and during that time I've traveled back to my home on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. One day feels like pure bliss and the next feels like I'm getting repeated pummeled by waves, barely able to stand up before the next one hits me. Isn't that just the part of the beauty and discomfort of being alive? Sidenote: this also happens to have been my recent experience on a trip to the beach in Guatemala. After years of wonderful co-ops, ashrams, and other varieties of communal living, in January I moved into my OWN apartment. Between the early-morning rooftop trumpet practice at the school next door, the cacophony of barking dogs, and the almost impressively constant construction going on - it is by no means "quiet," but I love it.

Sharing food and being able to cook for others is something truly beautiful, and I'd gotten used to communal cooking and communal eating. Now that I live alone, however, it's much much easier to eat EXACTLY the way I like. My diet has transformed into being almost completely raw. I eat lots of fresh papaya, bananas, and watermelon for breakfast and make some extravagant salad with guacamole and carrot sticks for lunch. DSCN3744   Since I've been teaching raw food workshops lately I get to experiment with how to make different recipes raw. I grew up eating Nigerian food and it has been so much fun to adapt traditional Egusi and Fufu into a raw dish.  I'll have some recipes and more pictures to share with you soon :)

Raw Collard Wraps

Clean some collard greens and pile on sliced mango, tomato, carrot sticks, gucamole (I put lots of garlic and a sprinkling of cumin in mine), cilantro, lime and if you like the flavor; mustard seed.

Roll into a nice little wrap and boom. You've got lunch. Alternatively, you could thinly slice the collard leaves and make it all into a giant happy salad.


DSCN3750 As always, enjooooy!