bliss house

About bliss house

bliss house is a food and event company based in Portland, Oregon. bliss house emerged from a desire to see more spaces at the table for black and brown artists and chefs to collaborate and engage with our community through food/ art events. at bliss house we see food as art and art as food. we believe in creating collaborative, inclusive dinners that celebrate flavor and beauty while nourishing body and soul.

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about chef salimatu

chef salimatu amabebe is a visual artist, chef and the founder of bliss house and black feast. amabebe grew up cooking with their family and draws on family memories, recipes

Chef Salimatu’s ability to spin unique pairings into whole new flavor experiences is nothing short of alchemy. The food and poetry together were powerful matches. I left feeling full body blissed out.
— Nick N

Our Food

is made from the finest ingredients. all of our meals are vegan, gluten-free and free of cane sugar. to get your tickets to our next event, check out our events page or sign up below to join our newsletters and get updates on pop-up dinners, new recipes and more!